Sunday, November 1, 2009

There is always hope.

As many of you might have already know... I am a huge fan of PostSecret. And I am posting this because it turns out to be one of my favorite PostSecret ever.

When I looked at this, it is something that have always believed in, "there is always hope."

Being a queer male in our society, whenever I think of what "coming out" is, I think of that dark tunnel, with that light at the end. (It's a process of accepting yourself and able to let others know about yourself.)

When I look at this postcard and this doesnt just apply to myself but to others who are gay or a drug-user that is trying to be drug-free or simply those who want to give up.

Dont... Dont ever give up. Dont ever.

There is always hope. Every time we do the right thing and not giving up, we move towards that light and it gets bigger.

In my situation, that's what I think of the Gay Civil Rights Movement or any movement. We are standing in the dark tunnel and at the very end, we see this tiny light at the end, everyday, we move towards that light and it gets bigger. But I am not sure if we will ever be outside of this tunnel but we are moving towards it, and gaining along the way. Thats the beauty of all of this.

To those that are scared or wanting to give up, you dont have to, you never have to. Just keep pushing.

This post secret really just hit it for me... EVERYONE... THERE IS HOPE. THERE REALLY IS. I PROMISE. Keep pushing for it.

And dont forget one thing... you might not be the hoper but you can be the Hope. Help those who need it, because you can be their hope to making everything better.

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