Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monique said, "F-A-T dont stand for ugly. It stands for Fabulous-And- Thick!"

I'm sorry for not updating. I've been doing this project... you know... the life of a college student.

I was watching a TV show and it's on E. It was called 15 body bounce back or something like that. They showed many stories like how Matt Demon had to gain about 20-30 pounds for a role and then lose it all back and gain big muscles. Experts in this area is saying that it actually is not healthy. Your body doesnt like to change that much in such a short amount of time. THATS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. There have been statistics saying that the people who do this to themselves have a shorter lifespan.

What I love about what Monique said is that she's always been fat. And it is ok... she's been a queen size all her life. When she did her show, it has the word 'fat' in the title. The producers said, "Oh my god. That could be offensive to people." And what she said was beautiful, "what's offensive about fat?" Because FAT stands for Fabulous And Thick. And you know what... she is right.

But something happened.

Her husband asked her if she knows what she looks like and she said that she does. But he says that he loves her and that he loves her but he wants to love her for a longtime.

What he worried about was I love you no matter what size she is but he wants her to be healthy.

To be told that, sometimes it really hurts people. But what Monique said was that she's going to be healthier but she's still gonna be big.

She said... what she's trying to do is tell everyone that its okay te BE FABULOUS AND THICK, IN the 200s on the scale and wearing SIZE 14 BUT able to walk up a flight of stair and not die and not struggle.


And I dont know how to stress it enough. I feel like hell yeah... it is ok to be fat because you still fabulous. But ask yourself... are you healthy? I'm sure Monique didnt do it for her husband. I'm sure she did it for herself and those that she's inspiring and saying that you can be fat and healthy.

And right now... yos I am using the word fat... but it's ok if you're healthy because I am here to stop those who hurt themselves. If you are ding the Fat Talk (OMG I'm SO FAT) STOP IT NOW. If you are eating unhealthy... STOP. You might be saying that you're feeling great on the inside. But you're hurting yourself if you're blogging your arteries. I understand if you feel differently but I am here to tell you to be healthy inside and outside.

Just remember... FAT is for FABULOUS AND THICK!!!



  1. Wonderful reminder! Great post. I appreciate it. Although I don't personally feel comfortable in my own skin right now because I've gained some weight, I'm starting to really love myself for who I am on the inside and trying to gain my confidence back!

  2. I completely agree with fat not equaling ugly. I think both fat and thin are beautiful in their own respects.
    I personally used to hate Mo'Nique with a passion though. I'd watch her standup and be really insulted how she'd want people to accept fat women but then reject "skinny bitches" and not support the idea just to accept everyone. I was even more offended when she insulted overweight men. I know it was all for the sake of comedy but I felt her standup lacked clever humor and more was just insulting people. I think she's grown since then, though. I've seen her lately and I feel like she's more into defending bigger women then putting down thin women and that's good. She also looks amazing here. She looks healthy and her face just looks really good.

  3. check out...its today!