Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gives Me Hope

That's one of the Gives Me Hope

I am so sorry that I havent updated in a REALLLY LONG time. But i've been really busy with school and I think I might get a 4.0 so pray for me haha.

Anyways... my friend Zach showed me this website that I totally want you to check out because I was soo touched that i just cried like a baby... its called Gives Me Hope @

Some of the Gives Me Hope:

1.Last week our whole PE class had to run the mile. The biggest girl in our class said that she had never ran a mile, and that she just couldn't do it. All of the girls in my class ran with her, singing songs, telling her how great of a job she was doing, and clapping for her. She finished her first mile at 14:27. Her tears of joy GMH.

2.Today, I proposed to my girlfriend of four years in a nice restaurant. When she said yes, the entire restaurant stood up and applauded.

We're both women.

Understanding of true love GMH.

3.I'm a deaf high school student. Last week was School Spirit Week, and one activity last week was to dress up as an inspirational person you knew or knew about. I went to school without dressing up like anyone, and when I got to school I found that 20 or 30 kids had dressed up like ME! I cried because they understood what I go through. They GMH.

4.Today, my teacher was telling us a story about her friend's adopted son and how he got picked on for it. One day at school a boy went up to him and said, "I came from my mommy's tummy, where did you come from?" knowing the boy was adopted. His response? "I came from my mommy's heart." He was 6 years old at the time. This GMH

5.A month ago at my school, a transgender student was beaten to the ground for standing up to three other students who said that our campus hates gays. The next day, nearly half the entire campus rallied to show support of the LGBT community in the quad. The student that was beaten was crying. GMH.

6.Today I found out my little sister stays inside during recess every day to help a blind kid at her school learn how to play the clarinet. She was supposed to have a solo during her concert, but she let him play it instead. Her selflessness at 12 years old GMH

7. My friend was always depressed. One day, she attempted suicide and a guy she never really talked to at school visited her at the hospital. He said, "Don't you dare do that again! You are the MOST beautiful girl that I have seen. EVER." That was 6 years ago. They're getting married this weekend. GMH

8. From PostSecret: I'm a school photographer and will never forget the picture I took of a little girl with luekemia. This 10-year-old, came up to my camera sat down and whipped her wig off. I stood there in shock for a second. To this she responded "I want to be remembered as me. Not as the girl with the wig." Her bravery GMH.

9.Last week, a very hateful group announced that would be protesting outside my college's center for Jewish life. They planned to carry hateful signs and to jeer at Jewish students. When they arrived, they were met by 1,000 students and professors standing in the rain, and left quickly because they could not be heard over the songs of love. It GMH

10.I was wearing a short sleeved shirt for the first time in years. I was nervous that when my boyfriend saw my scars he wouldn't want to be with me anymore, instead he kissed my scars, and told me that if I ever felt bad enough to hurt myself again, that he would take the pain instead. He GMH

11. There's a really beautiful freshman in our school who a mentally challenged sophomore boy has a huge crush on. She got asked by at least 10 people to the winter formal dance, but she decided to go with the mentally challenged boy. Beautiful girls who are also beautiful inside GMH.

These are some of them that I wanted to show you. I am sooo in love with this website. Its given me hope.

I always talk about how we need to love ourselves. But this website showed another thing and that's loving people and sharing your love. Its about supporting people who had struggles whether its gonna be helping a classmate in running a mile, giving up a place so that a blind person has a chance, or standing up for transgender student. Thats so beautiful that you can do that.

I created this group to help people and tell people that they are beautiful but I also want people to go on and spread their words and tell others that they are beautiful too and do what I'm trying to do.


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  1. Tai, I don't know why I haven't been following your blog for months already. What you're doing here is beautiful in itself. Creating a forum, nay, a community, in which the inner beauty of all is fully appreciated is something that the world sorely needs right now. Keep up the good work sweetie, you've got one more follower here in me. <3